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Cellist, teacher, composer, arranger

Welcome to my page! I record for all kinds of soundtracks in studios all over Nashville, Tennessee and remotely record projects from my home studio. I also teach out of my house in Franklin, TN. Contact me for more details!

All my recorded album and single releases can be found under my artist name, Israfelcello. Check out my offerings here!



Another new single for the month of September! I'm still on a Final Fantasy VII Remake kick, the music from that game is just so good! This was a pretty experimental cover for me, I played four instruments in total and made all of my own percussion sounds. Check it out and then find me on social media, would love to know what you think!



Some really interesting stuff happening! I was watching the Sony PS5 event earlier in the day and all of a sudden a song came on that I recorded tracks for right here in my home studio. "Bury the Light" composed by Casey Edwards for Devil May Cry 5 comes out Monday, September 21st!

**Update** it's out, and Casey absolutely crushed it! Check it out!


I have a new single out! I've been obsessing over the soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII Remake ever since it was released, and a new cover  from Purpleschala and me of one of the tracks just went live. Stream in on Spotify, grab it on iTunes, and check out out video for Aerith and Marlene - A Familiar Flower by clicking below!

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